Monday, May 11

#21 & #22 Bush Library and Research Park

Ok, so I know I am putting 2 "must do's" together, but it is only because I think that doing them together in the same day is a great idea. The Bush Library is an obvious "must do" when you are in College Station. We are so lucky to be the home of such a fine institution, as well as be able to honor a former President in this way. The Library hosts tours, and many special events, including... "Authentic Stories of Texas History", "Nasa Flight Director", celebrations of Juneteenth and 4th of July, as well as many more. Check out their events on the website which I have posted on my blog. The most expensive tour is $10 and that is for an adult with a headpiece. This amazing display of history will make you proud to not only be an American, or from Texas, but make you proud of Texas A&M as well. This is an amazing educational experience that you will not forget. 

Research Park you might ask??? After your wonderful time at Bush library, grab a blanket and a picnic basket and enjoy the pond, ducks, and nature at Research Park. Right by the library, this peaceful area is a great place to go and ponder all the wonderful experiences you had at the library and that you have had in College Station as you followed my "must do's" I hope they do not fail you as I am sure they won't. 

Who ever said there was nothing to do in College Station needs to take a look at the many experiences all around you!

Saturday, May 9

#20 Aggie Ally

Why should football be the only sport to get tailgates? Let's go ahead and continue that amazing tradition to baseball, but why not let it extend the entire game!!!! Aggie Ally is the perfect place to tailgate and enjoy an A&M baseball game. This place is located behind left field and is so much fun. Who needs to watch the jumbotron when you can sit right next to it with all your friends? People pull up their trucks, listen to music, bring some food and cold beer and enjoy the game. The greatest part about it is you are with all your friends, no opposing fans, no dealing with awkward run ins at the baseball game or paying for food. It is a BYOB atmosphere. It is a completely different experience than sitting in the stands. A baseball game is a must in College Station, but if you want to make it an unforgettable experience, you need to go to Aggie Ally!

Friday, May 8

#19 Good BBQ

When in Rome do as the Romans do. When in Texas, eat as the Texans do. What is that you might ask? Some good southern barbeque. If you are not from Texas and visiting College Station, you must check out one of the many BBQ restaurants. You will absolutely love them! From Rudy's Barbeque, to C&J's, Dickeys, and other random spots, there is plenty of variety to choose from. Rudy's is always a hot spot on Sundays after church. A BBQ dinner is an absolute must when in Texas, and College Station provides the perfect atmosphere. Good people, small town, and great food. BBQ is the perfect catering food for any A&M tailgate, graduation party, ring dunk, or family get together. So when in College Station, don't forget about that wonderful BBQ tradition and stop in to one of these spots!

Thursday, May 7

#18 Downtown Bryan

Clearly by the title of this blog post, this must do is not in College Station, but seeing as how the 2 are pretty much connected and I have previously allowed Bryan to remain in the College Station must do's, I'm going to keep it based on precedent. And it is so much fun!

Downtown Bryan is full of cute, family owned restaurants and bars. With a wide variety of food covering nice Italian, pizza place Italian, Mexican, and even a nice chicken, fish, or steak entrĂ©e. This little strip does not look much like a downtown, but it is a quaint and romantic place to go. The bars are small but cool and you will not get the same feel as the college town one in College Station. All you have to do is take a straight shot down South College and you will be in downtown Bryan in no time. So make reservation, or not. There are plenty of places to choose from, including my favorite, Los Nortenos. This place is BYOB and so much fun with all of your friends for a laid back dinner. 

Therefore, when you need a little escape from the college town, head over to downtown Bryan. You will feel like you are in the movie the Notebook. Not kidding, just give it a little imagination. 

#17 Messina Hof

Winery and Resort!!!!!

That's right, there is a winery in College Station! It is so beautiful. Perfect place to go for a special date, time with family you haven't seen, or with all of your friends! You can go and test wine, eat, or stay there. It is absolutely amazing. You will not feel like you are in College Station at all. This winery was established in 1977 and brews its very own College Station made wine. Get some friends or that significant other and browse through the vineyard, relax, enjoy a glass of wine, then go eat an amazing meal in which they incorporate their wine into every dish. So romantic, so much fun. Messina Hof sponsors several events which is clear on their calendar that is posted on their website. I have left a link for you on the right. The website will not only allow you to plan a wonderful day or evening, but you can also purchase their wines online. They also host public and private wine tours that last 1 hour and are not expensive. Not to mention their wine bar and vintage house restaurant. Do I need to say anything more?

Tuesday, April 28

#16 Ring Dunk

This is quite possibly the most ridiculous, insane, and unpleasant of all the A&M traditions. It is also one of the most fun. If you don't know what I mean about a Ring Dunk, I will tell you. A&M takes much pride in the Aggie Ring. After completing 95 hours at A&M, each student is eligible to receive their long awaited ring. There is much pride that comes along with it, which makes the ring dunk experience very interesting. 
Basically, after the honor of receiving the Aggie Ring, people place their golden pride in the bottom of a pitcher of beer and chug. Yes, I said it, chug. Sound ridiculous yet? Well, it is. So, why is this on my list of 22 must do's in College Station? Because it is one of the most entertaining things to watch! People through parties, have tailgates, and cookouts to host their ring dunks. I have been to crawfish broils, people's houses, bars, and many other places to watch people do this. It is so much fun. You get your best friends together and put yourself through those miserable few minutes. But, it is a great excuse to have a party and bring all the parents in town. If you ever hear about a ring dunk, make sure and go. You won't see anything like it anywhere else!

Thursday, April 23

#15 Bingo

Don't make fun until you try it! Here is a way to change things up a little bit! This is a fun and random thing to do. There are 2 times that they play on any night but Saturdays, 6:30 and 8:30. It is so much fun to go with a few of your friends and play bingo. You pay beginning with $5 and up depending on how many cards you want to play with. And, the best part about it is.... YOU CAN WALK OUT WITH CASH!!!!!!!!!! If you are looking for a fun way to win some cash without going to some random casino in Oklahoma, Louisiana, or Vegas! And it's cheap too! You can also eat and drink there. It is so much fun and even if you don't win, I promise you will be entertained!