Monday, March 30

#& Texas Hall of Fame

If you are in College Station, you can NOT leave until you have been to the Hall of Fame! This dance hall is full of entertainment. With a collection of weekend performances there is always something to do. Thursday night is their well known college night where everyone dances all night long. You will always find someone to two-step with and if dancing isn't really your thing, you can always have some drinks, mingle, play pool, or just people watch. Trust me, if this isn't your kind of thing, you will still have a great time. They have great drink specials, especially on Thursday night. 
The Hall not only sponsors country groups, but Vanilla Ice performed there last semester. Also, there is going to be an amateur cage fight night in a few weeks hosted there as well. This large dance hall in bryan is a great location to have a good time and a legendary spot in Aggieland.

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